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At ECHO, we plan, organize, and implement influencers campaign for luxury, fashion, and lifestyle brands.

Based on your brand positioning and target audience, we customize a local influencer campaign with our pool of content creators, vloggers, live streamers, and celebrities. We give you exclusive access to Chinese influencers but also Western influencers in China to share unique storytelling and reach a wider audience.  


Your Campaign is in Good Hands


You provide us with a brief and a target, and we create the right campaign strategy for you. From the selection of top social media in China to the content angles creation to reach a higher engagement on your campaign, we build your influencer campaign from A to Z

Our team will automatically build your strategy before the implementation of the campaign. We can provide market research and consulting only, or we can implement and organize the campaign. For this service, we give you access to our pool of 250+ talents in China.


We select the right talents for your brand – the perfect match. In our pool of 250+ talents, we gather Chinese and Western influencers with a strong notoriety in China. We select the right profile and personality that will match your brand positioning and communication. 

Our team will select a list of influencers based on your budget for your approval. They will mention the number of followers, average views, average engagement, category, and location to build the most results-driven campaign in China. 


We offer direct support during the execution of the campaign. All our team is composed of Chinese native speakers who can directly negotiate and discuss with local influencers and celebrities on a daily basis. You have your one-stop partner, everything is under control. 

We protect your brand by ensuring the quality of the design, copywriting, storytelling, and tone. We take care of all the legal and financial aspects including influencer’s remuneration, confidentiality,  partnership agreement, local regulations, and custom clearance support. 


The performance of the campaign is the key for your brand and we respect that. We value performance analysis and performance-driven campaigns by focusing on data analysis, KPIs, and tangible insights. The success of the campaign lies in the performance analysis.

We setup KPIs and target objectives before the start of the campaign. After the execution, we send you a complete report with the key data, interaction, conversion, and ROI calculation. 

Get Access to the Top Social Media in China


We focus on WeChat Groups and Moments with local influencers and experts 


We boost exposure with celebrities, experts, and opinion leaders

Little Red Book

We collaborate with top users, influencers, vloggers and live streamers


We build virality with videomakers, local talents, and live streamers


We share authentic content and videos with video makers and creators


We reinforce your expertise positioning with specialists, doctors, and experts


Most frequent questions and answers

On average, an influencer campaign takes 1 month between the briefing time and the execution time. This timeframe includes the strategy, selection, management, execution, and monitoring. 

Yes, we also work on market research and market study. We can build a 360° Chinese influencer market analysis and operation plan. Based on your need, we can provide quantitative and qualitative analysis.

A KOC is a Key Opinion Consumer. It refers to small influencers and users with a strong community base. They are often used by luxury, fashion, and lifestyle brands to advertise a new product and increase conversion.

A KOC (Key Opinion Consumer) costs between 250€ and 1,500€ depending on their number of followers and average engagement. The price may vary depending on the niche category of the influencer.

A KOL is a Key Opinion Leader. It refers to large influencers, celebrities, experts, and talents with a wide audience. They often have between 1M to 10M followers and partner with brands to create buzz. 

A KOL (Key Opinion Leader) costs between 2,500€ and 8,000€ depending on their audience, positioning, and exclusivity contracts. The price may vary for live streamers since they will also charge a commission on sales.

After each campaign, you receive a report with all the data related to the campaign. You will have access to the views, engagement, reactions, requests, conversions to calculate your ROI. 

Yes, you can work with celebrities in China and in the West with ECHO. We have a network of Chinese, French, and Arab influencers to partner with. They can wear your creations or become your brand ambassador. 


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