4 Top Fashion Influencers on Bilibili to Know in 2023

Step right into the vibrant world of fashion, where every day brings a new trend, and style never goes out of vogue. Today, we’re taking a closer look at the top 4 fashion Bilibili influencers, China’s leading video-sharing platform. These talented creators are not only transforming the fashion scene but also inspiring millions with their unique sense of style and creativity.

So, buckle up, and let’s get to know these stylish trailblazers!

A Glance into Bilibili’s Fashion Wonderland

Bilibili has been hosting the prestigious “Bilibili Power UP” award since 2018, honoring the most outstanding content creators on the platform. Among the many categories, only four influencers represent the fashion sector.

Top fashion influencers on Bilibili in China:

  1. 天才女友GG
  2. 晓观队长
  3. 怪力老陈

Though there is no specific ranking among these four, their fan base, average views, and average likes give us an idea of their popularity and influence.

Top1 Bilibili Influencer:

With 767k followers, 52 million total views, and 2.22 million total likes, 天才女友GG has a unique approach to fashion. Her 10-15 minute videos cover topics like the history of fashion, changing aesthetics over time, fashion personalities, industry secrets, creator interviews, and clothing systems.

Her most viral video, “丑哭?99%普通人都没看懂明星大片 | 内行揭秘”, delves into the reasons behind the seemingly “ugly” appearance of many fashion elements, such as magazine covers and design aesthetics.

A disruptive approach, bringing a new eye to fashion aesthetics analysis.

Top2 Bilibili Influencer:


Boasting 1.275 million followers, 怪力老陈, a talented female creator, is the mastermind behind countless creative outfit ideas. Her 289 videos have garnered 73.2 million total views and 6.23 million total likes. Among top Bilibili influencers, she covers various dressing styles for different scenarios and seasons, along with tips on how to style specific fashion items, industry insights, and color coordination.

Her video “How to find your own style” gathered 1.3 million views and 110K likes. In this video, she is sharing her personal style evolution while giving advice to her community on how to find their own style. Her smile and funny interaction helped create a special bonding with her community.

If you’re looking for fashion inspiration, 怪力老陈 is your go-to source.

Top3 Bilibili Influencer:


Commanding a following of 1.24 million, 晓观队长, a male fashion lover, focuses on helping people discover their unique style.

His 55 videos have accumulated 68.9 million total views and 4.04 million total likes. They touch upon selfie techniques, fashion item selection, global fashion shows, appearance improvement tips, dressing trends, lifestyle, and color coordination. With his practical advice and fashion inspiration, 晓观队长 encourages his audience to express themselves confidently.

Top4 Bilibili Influencer:


AHALOLO’s impressive 1.086 million followers enjoy her well-rounded approach to fashion. She has amassed a staggering 110 million total views and 8.77 million total likes across her 245 videos. AHALOLO showcases a diverse array of content, including fashion chronicles, daily vlogs, and international fashion shows.

Moreover, she shares valuable information on fashion item selection and industry insights, making her channel a comprehensive resource for fashion enthusiasts. Among her last videos, she completed a deep analysis of the luxury brand Dior.

A Fashion Revolution on Bilibili

These four fashion influencers have not only conquered Bilibili’s fashion scene but have also created a lasting impact on the industry as a whole. They multiplied their content on other platforms such as Weibo, Sohu and Ixigua. Their innovative content, engaging storytelling, and impeccable style have garnered a loyal following and solidified their status as the platform’s top fashion icons.

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