The Creative Huawei Collaboration with the Virtual Influencer Luo Tianyi in China

As virtual influencers continue to capture the attention of audiences worldwide, leading technology companies are finding innovative ways to collaborate with them. Huawei, a renowned smartphone brand, has joined forces with the top virtual influencer in China, 洛天依 (Luo Tianyi) to promote their Nova 7 series.

Luo Tianyi: A Symbol of Virtual Influencer in China

洛天依 (Luo Tianyi), one of the biggest and first virtual influencers in China, is a captivating virtual character owned by Shanghai Henian, a subsidiary of the popular video-sharing platform Bilibili.

With her unique green eyes and gray hair, the 15-year-old virtual idol stands 156cm tall. Luo Tianyi is a virtual singer who performs using 3D computer animations and synthesized voice software, often with voice acting provided by Chinese voice actress Shan Xin.

Cross-Dimensional Collaboration

In April 2020, Huawei embarked on a cross-dimensional collaboration with the popular virtual idol Luo Tianyi during the launch of the Nova 7 series. This partnership aimed to create a one-of-a-kind experience that combined product features and entertainment, striking a chord with young consumers.

AR Interaction and Graduation Event

During the unique graduation season in 2020, Huawei’s Nova 7 series partnered with Tmall Youth Laboratory to launch a Luo Tianyi graduation photo AR interaction and an online graduation ceremony event. By using Huawei Nova’s AR technology, users could interact with Luo Tianyi through voice commands and enjoy her virtual graduation performance. Additionally, users could create graduation photos with Luo Tianyi, capturing fun and unforgettable memories.

Campus Vlog Contest

To further engage users, Huawei encouraged them to create original Vlogs featuring Luo Tianyi in a campus-related theme. Participants could enter the #校园Vlog大赛# (Campus Vlog Contest) for a chance to win great prizes. Users with Huawei smartphones were encouraged to download the “未见” (Unseen) app, scan Luo Tianyi’s image, and revisit their cherished graduation moments.

A Successful Collaboration With a Virtual Influencer in China

By collaborating with Luo Tianyi, Huawei managed to create an interactive experience that seamlessly combined product features and entertainment, resonating with young consumers. This partnership allowed Huawei to subtly connect with its target audience and strengthen its bond with the younger generation. By embracing the collision of different dimensions, Huawei successfully showcased its youthful and energetic brand image.

The Power of Virtual Influencers

The collaboration between Huawei and Luo Tianyi highlights the growing trend of leveraging virtual influencers in marketing campaigns. These digital personas offer endless possibilities for creative and immersive content, allowing brands to connect with their audiences in novel ways.

As virtual influencers like Luo Tianyi continue to gain popularity and credibility, we can expect to see even more innovative partnerships and marketing strategies that harness the power of these captivating digital personalities. This fusion of technology and entertainment is paving the way for a new era of marketing, and Huawei’s collaboration with Luo Tianyi serves as an exemplary model for future endeavors in this exciting realm.

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