How to Promote Effectively Your Brand on Xiaohongshu? (2023)

The world of fashion and luxury has found a new haven in China’s booming social media landscape. Among numerous platforms, Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book) stands out as a powerful influencer, capturing the hearts and minds of millions of users. How to use Xiaohongshu?

Here are 8 tips to promote your brand on Xiaohongshu:

  1. Official Posts
  2. Influencers Marketing
  3. Targeted Advertising
  4. OOTD Campaigns
  5. Multi-Tools Approach
  6. Users Interest
  7. Cultural Context
  8. Interaction Boost

If you’re looking to promote your brand on this popular platform in 2023, this is here.

Read on to discover effective strategies that will put your brand front and center in 2023.

Overview of Xiaohongshu and Key Takeaways

Xiaohongshu has been making waves in the fashion and luxury industry with over 200 million monthly active users. The platform’s user base consists primarily of young and fashion individuals, with 72% belonging to younger generations and 70% being female. Additionally, half of its users are located in first-tier and second-tier cities in China.

xiaohongshu latest data

The social media Xiaohongshu is at the center of marketing campaigns in 2023. With the variety of topics and users, Western brands can target more effectively their core consumers. You can use the optimized tools of the platform to reach your TA (Target Audience) based on their age, location, gender, and preferences.

Little Red Book in Numbers:

  • 50% of Xiaohongshu users are located in first-tier and second-tier cities
  • The percentage of male users has risen to 30%
  • Top 3 user tags on Xiaohongshu are Fashion Lovers (14.2%), Students (7.96%), and Makeup Lovers (6.58%)

Starting Move: Create a Brand Account

Your journey to success on Xiaohongshu begins with creating an official brand account. Marked with a blue check, the account acts as your brand’s verified presence on the platform.

Your official account is your gate to the Chinese market.

Depending on your resources, you can either open a store on Xiaohongshu or redirect users to your website, Tmall store, or JD store. Just keep in mind that external links are not allowed. You can implement what we call a “River Flow Copywriting” tactic to avoid your external link to be banned.

Promotional Strategies That Work Wonders


1. Official Posts: Your Window to Communicate and Connect

Crafting engaging content about your brand and products is crucial to showcase your unique selling points. By appealing to the interests of Xiaohongshu users, your official posts can garner attention and generate buzz. To make the most of your official posts, consider the following:

  • Storytelling: Share the story behind your brand or products, evoking emotions and helping users connect with your brand on a deeper level.
  • User-Generated Content (UGC): Encourage customers to share their own experiences with your products, creating a sense of community and authenticity.
  • Educational Content: Provide valuable tips, tutorials, or industry insights to demonstrate your brand’s expertise and authority.

2. Your Best Weapon: Collaborate with KOLs and KOCs

When aiming to elevate your brand’s presence on Xiaohongshu, it’s crucial to build strong bonds with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and Key Opinion Consumers (KOCs) through both short-term campaigns and long-term collaborations. By carefully handpicking influencers who share your brand values and resonate with your target audience, you can create a natural fit.

Some examples of collaborations to craft genuine, engaging content that can inspire their followers:

Short-term campaigns allow for immediate exposure and quick wins.

Long-term partnerships foster deeper connections, transforming influencers into brand speakers.

This balanced approach ensures ongoing exposure and promotion for your brand on the platform.

3. Targeted Advertising on Xiaohongshu for Best ROI

Invest in sponsored ads on Xiaohongshu, leveraging the platform’s targeting tools to reach specific cities and demographics. This ensures efficient spending of your ad budget and maximizes your reach.

how to use xiaohongshu

According to Xiaohongshu, brands from different industries are advertising on the platform. It includes fashion, cosmetics, automotive, electronics, food, travel organizations, and many more. A great way to leverage advertising on Xiaohongshu is to combine it with KOL activation. You can set up live-streaming sessions or sponsored posts with your influencers to reach a wider audience.

Contact us to know how to get sponsored posts from influencers

4. Outfit of the Day (OOTD) Campaigns: A Stylish Approach

As personal style gains traction among younger generations, OOTD content is becoming increasingly popular on platforms like Xiaohongshu. Form partnerships with fashion KOLs to showcase your products in diverse outfit styles, enticing potential customers and driving sales. This not only highlights your offerings but also demonstrates their versatility and style.

On our latest article about OOTD trend leverages, we shared 2 strategies. You can use the “Lookbook Content Type” or the “Outfit Inspiration Content Type”. These 2 types of content are the most viral on Xiahongshu in 2023 combining pictures with packshots or pictures only. 

5. Combine Multiple Strategies for Optimal Results

To achieve success in Xiaohongshu, it’s vital to create a comprehensive marketing plan that combines various promotional strategies. By understanding the platform’s user base and setting up an official account, you can effectively establish your presence in the Chinese market.

Apply a mix of promotional methods, such as engaging official posts, KOL collaborations, targeted advertising, and both short-term campaigns and long-term partnerships. With a well-rounded approach, your brand can tap into the massive, style-savvy audience on Xiaohongshu and reach new heights in 2023.

The more diverse and customized your strategy, the higher your exposure on Xiaohongshu.

6. Staying Ahead: Monitor Trends and User Interests

To ensure continued success on Xiaohongshu, it’s essential to stay updated with the latest trends and user interests. Actively monitor the platform and engage with your audience to understand their preferences, allowing you to adapt your promotional strategies accordingly.

how to use xiaohongshu

Some key focus areas on Xiaohongshu include:

  • Seasonal Trends: Keep an eye on fashion and beauty trends that emerge each season. Align your promotional campaigns with these trends to maintain relevance and appeal to your target audience.
  • UGC Monitoring: Encourage users to create and share content featuring your products. This not only increases brand exposure but also helps foster a sense of community and trust around your brand.
  • Analytics and Insights: Regularly review your account’s performance metrics, such as engagement, reach, and conversion rates. Use this data to refine your content strategy, optimize your promotional efforts, and identify areas for improvement.

7. Maximize Cultural Context and Localization

To make your content relatable and appealing to Chinese users, be mindful of cultural context and local references. Craft your messaging and visuals with the target audience in mind, ensuring that your brand is perceived as approachable and in tune with their preferences.

Some localization strategies:

  • Adapt Language and Copywriting: Tailor your content to the Chinese audience, using language and terminology that resonate with them.
  • Celebrate Local Festivals and Events: Leverage local celebrations, such as the Chinese New Year or the Mid-Autumn Festival, to create culturally relevant promotional campaigns.
  • Showcase Local Influencers: Collaborate with Chinese KOLs who are popular and respected within the community, reinforcing your brand’s connection to the local market.

8. Engage and Encourage Interaction

Build and maintain a strong connection with your audience by encouraging interaction and engagement.

Prompt users to share their thoughts, experiences, and feedback, creating an open dialogue that nurtures brand loyalty and trust. Business of Fashion named “Show personality” as one of the 10 ways to win on social. Don’t forget to respond to comments, address concerns, and show appreciation for user-generated content, further demonstrating your brand’s commitment to its customers.

Make the Best of Xiaohongshu in 2023

Promoting your brand on Xiaohongshu is an effective way to reach a vast and fashion-conscious audience in China. By creating an official brand account, adopting strategic promotional methods, staying updated with trends, and leveraging cultural context, your brand can thrive on this popular platform.

Embrace the power of Xiaohongshu and watch your brand soar to new heights in 2023.

Let ECHO Guide You to Success on Xiaohongshu

As an influencer marketing agency with over 5+ years of experience in China, ECHO is dedicated to helping foreign brands flourish in the Chinese market. Our team, located in Paris and in Shenzhen, has collaborated with many international brands, mastering the use of digital marketing tools like Xiaohongshu.

ECHO’s support ranges from setting up your official account to managing daily operations. By thoroughly analyzing your brand identity and current circumstances, we craft a tailor-made marketing plan that incorporates various promotional strategies on Xiaohongshu including KOC and KOL marketing.

With ECHO at the helm, you can confidently focus on other aspects of your business while we navigate the intricacies of the Chinese market. Empower your brand, and pave the way for success on Xiaohongshu and beyond in 2023.

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