What Are Influencers Called in China?

Have you ever wondered how influencers are referred to in China? With a unique cultural and digital landscape, the world of Chinese influencers is thriving, presenting a myriad of opportunities for brands and foreign influencers looking to enter the market. If you want to enter it successfully with an influencer marketing agency in China, you need to know what is the name of influencers there.

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The Name of Influencers in China: 网红 (Wǎnghóng)

In China, influencers are often referred to as “网红” (Wǎnghóng), which translates to “internet celebrities”. This term distinguishes them from traditional celebrities like movie stars and singers and emphasizes their online popularity. As the influencer economy continues to grow, a multitude of influencers have emerged on various social media platforms, such as Weibo, Kuaishou, Douyin, and Xiaohongshu.

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These digital personalities have tapped into the vast potential of the Chinese market by leveraging their influence. One popular way to monetize their following is by selling products during live-streaming events. Platforms like Douyin and Kuaishou enable influencers to offer goods at discounted prices, effectively cashing in on their popularity.

In this thriving market, foreign influencers can learn a lot from their Chinese counterparts. By understanding the language and cultural context, they can better connect with their target audience and establish a strong presence in the Chinese influencer landscape.

Moving Beyond “网红” to Embrace Content Creation

Recently, the term “网红” has acquired negative connotations due to many small influencers resorting to attention-seeking tactics to gain fame and followers. As a result, being an influencer in China now demands more than just being a “网红.”

To create a more sustainable and positive presence, influencers in China are encouraged to focus on content creation. By producing authentic and engaging content, they can still attract a significant following. On Weibo, these individuals are known as “bloggers,” while on Bilibili, they are called “Ups” – different terms that convey a more positive image on different platforms.

Understanding this cultural shift and adapting accordingly is essential for brands and foreign influencers eyeing the Chinese market. By focusing on genuine and valuable content creation, they can establish a lasting impact on the Chinese influencer landscape.

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To succeed in the Chinese influencer market, foreign influencers must understand the unique terminology and cultural context. By prioritizing content creation and authenticity over mere popularity, they can build a thriving presence in this exciting digital space.

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