Guide on How to Leverage Bilibili with Influencers Campaign {2023}

Bilibili is a video platform primarily known for its ACG (Anime, Comics, and Games) content. The “Chinese YouTube” is quickly becoming the go-to destination for brands targeting China’s Gen Z audience. With a massive user base and an increasingly diverse range of content, the platform offers unique opportunities for brands to engage with this highly sought-after demographic. With one unique direct access: Bilibili influencers.

But how can brands effectively leverage Bilibili’s unique selling points for influencer campaigns?

Let’s find out.

Bilibili: An Unfamiliar Name For Most Western Brands

Bilibili’s rise as a hub for Chinese content creators and consumers has been impressive. You can see it as a Chinese version of Youtube, but it’s more likely a half-social-media beyond a video site.

Boasting 326 million monthly active users in the last quarter of 2022, the platform has managed to capture the attention of 70% of Gen Z users living in first and second-tier cities in China. This has caught the eye of luxury brands such as Dior, who is now turning to Bilibili to make their mark on this growing demographic

Read more about Dior’s activations and tactics on Bilibili here

Diversification of Content

In recent years, Bilibili has expanded its content offerings beyond ACG. It is now featuring various categories, including fashion, luxury, perfume, science, law, knowledge, cooking, etc. This diversification has made the platform more appealing to a broader audience, opening the door for brands to find the perfect influencers for their campaigns.

The Logic of Influencer Campaigns on Bilibili

The key to successful campaigns on Bilibili lies in identifying influencers with the right audience rather than simply finding those who produce content in a specific niche.

For example, an influencer couple showcasing their daily life and interactions might be tagged as a “Couple”. But could still be highly effective for advertising products like cosmetics, wine, or fashion if their audience primarily consists of younger consumers. The key is local knowledge and network.

This approach enables brands to tap into the influencers’ established fan base and foster authentic connections.

Leveraging Bilibili’s Unique Selling Points

Bilibili’s focus on Professional User Generated Content (PUGC). Its highly engaged user base creates an ideal environment for brands to showcase their products and connect with their target audience. The platform encourages user interaction and content sharing, providing ample opportunities for increased brand visibility and attracting new fans.

The cosmetic brand Shiseido partnered with KOLs and Gen Z influencers from the iQiyi series called “Youth With You 3”. This livestreaming session enabled the brand to connect with a younger audience while driving traffic on their product-related content.

From live streaming events to sponsored content, there are numerous ways to utilize Bilibili’s unique features and make a lasting impression on the platform’s users. Capitalizing on this interactive environment, brands can collaborate with influencers on engaging campaigns that resonate with Bilibili’s audience.

The Future of Influencer Campaigns on Bilibili

As Bilibili continues to expand its content offerings and attract a broader audience, the platform is becoming an increasingly valuable resource for brands looking to engage with China’s Gen Z population.

By understanding the platform’s unique dynamics and focusing on influencers with the right audience, brands can create highly effective campaigns that resonate with this highly coveted demographic.


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