Who is Liu Wen the No 1 Chinese Model?

In the mesmerizing and ever-changing universe of high fashion, there is one star that consistently shines with unparalleled radiance: Liu Wen. Liu Wen is a Chinese top model. Her groundbreaking journey is not merely a tale of glittering runways and high-profile collaborations. It’s a narrative of transformation, cultural representation, and standing up for one’s beliefs.

Who is Liu Wen?

What makes her story resonate on a global scale?

We’ll walk you through her unique story and vision.

A Glance into Liu Wen (刘雯) Personal History

Born on January 27, 1988, Liu Wen has become more than just a household name in China; she’s a global fashion icon. Her striking looks and distinct style led her to be the first model of East Asian descent to walk the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Liu Wen

Liu’s rise in the fashion world didn’t stop after Victoria’s Secret. In 2010, she joined the ranks of Constance Jablonski and Joan Smalls as a spokesperson for Estée Lauder. She became the first Asian model to hold this esteemed position.

Her influence doesn’t stop at the runway’s edge. With a digital footprint spanning 25.89 million followers on Weibo and 6 million on Instagram, and collaborations with luxury brands like Gucci, Bvlgari, and Belle, Liu Wen is not just a model, but a powerful voice in the fashion industry.

Liu Wen accounts

In a high-profile career like Liu Wen’s, challenges are inevitable. However, it’s how these challenges are met that truly defines a person.

In Liu Wen’s case, two particular events stand out where her actions speak volumes about her character.

Liu Wen and The “Lunar New Year” Event

The first event that put Liu in the spotlight took place around the Chinese New Year.

The holiday, traditionally known as the Chinese New Year, is inherently a Chinese festival. However, in recent years, some Western countries have adopted the term “Lunar New Year” to appease other East Asian cultures that celebrate the lunar calendar holiday, a move primarily advocated by South Korea and Vietnam.

This change in terminology was perceived by many as an attempt to de-Sinicize the holiday.

When Liu used the term “Lunar New Year” instead of “Chinese New Year” in her Instagram greeting, it sparked a wave of discontent among her Chinese fans who saw this as a slight to their culture. As the controversy escalated, Liu responded by editing her Instagram post to read “Happy Chinese New Year!!!”.

Though this action did not entirely quell the tide of public opinion, it certainly helped to alleviate some of the criticisms, showing Liu Wen’s commitment to respecting her cultural roots and responding to her fans’ concerns.

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Liu Wen Cut the Tie With Coach

The second event was a more significant issue that involved the fashion brand, Coach. They produced a T-shirt that listed Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan as separate countries, a move that was in direct contradiction to China’s policy on territorial sovereignty. Liu Wen, who was an ambassador for Coach, was caught in the crossfire.

In response, she decisively cut her ties with the brand and issued an apology for her association with them in 2019. She passionately stated, “I love my country, and will adamantly safeguard China’s sovereignty. National sovereignty and territorial integrity are sacred and cannot be violated under any circumstances.”

A Chinese Brand Ambassador and Global Voice

Liu Wen is not only a Chinese model, but also a global voice standing out for her battles. These incidents highlight Liu Wen’s integrity and strong commitment to her image and reputation. Through these experiences, Liu Wen has shown that she is not only a trailblazer in the fashion world but also a role model for handling difficult situations with dignity.

This move put her at risk of a huge compensation at 140M CNY, but benefited her with a huge boost to her reputation in China. Luckily, to show their apology to the Chinese people, Coach canceled this compensation, but Liu Wen has already rebuilt her strong reputation in China.

Her profound respect for the Chinese people owes her still today a strong notoriety in China.

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