How to Reach Influencers and Celebrities in China?

Companies and brands are adapting to the fast-paced realm of digital marketing with a local influencer marketing agency in China. They are seeking innovative ways to amplify their brand presence, particularly in the vibrant and expansive Chinese market. One strategy gaining significant traction is reaching out to Chinese celebrities and influencers.

For this, there is one powerful tool deeply rooted in the digital content industry: the Multi-Channel Network (MCN).

By focusing on SEO optimization and the effective use of MCNs, Western companies can successfully tap into China’s thriving digital audience.

Let’s discover how to reach them.

What is a MCN in China?

Originating from the YouTube ecosystem, the term MCN was coined by former YouTube employee and Next New Networks co-founder Jed Simmons. Initially, the concept of “Network” was somewhat nebulous within YouTube, given its engineering culture. However, with time, the MCN term gained standard vocabulary status in China, denoting companies that actively managed and programmed original channels on YouTube.


What is an MCN? A MCN is a “Multi-Channel Network”. In China, MCNs have evolved to new functions and describe agencies for Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), influencers, or celebrities.

An MCN connects companies and brands with content creators. They allow influencers and content creators to concentrate on crafting engaging content while the MCN handles packaging, marketing, promotion, and monetization. This symbiotic relationship creates a clear, efficient pathway for content to reach diverse audiences.

Reach out to an MCN based outside of China

MCN, A Gateway to the Chinese Digital Audience

In the thriving Chinese market, several types of MCNs coexist:

  • Marketing-centric MCNs: These focus on driving brand awareness and engagement.
  • E-commerce-focused MCNs: These specialize in driving product sales through influencer collaborations.
  • Pan-content MCNs: These offer a broader spectrum of content across various verticals and platforms.


influencer marketing agency china

Working with an MCN in China has several distinct advantages for brands:

  • Access to Talented Content Creators: MCNs have a vast network of KOLs with proven track records in content creation. This provides brands with a wide selection of influencers who can deliver their message effectively.
  • Ensured KOL performance: Working with MCNs who have long-term contracts with the KOLs can ensure the continuing performance of the KOLs. Cutting your worry on the breaching of contract.
  • Targeted Reach: MCNs can help you quickly find a certain amount of influencers that match your requirement, saving you time and energy searching and reaching those KOLs.

By strategically aligning with an MCN that fits their specific needs, brands can navigate the Chinese digital landscape more effectively, enhancing their visibility and market reach.

The Role of an Agency in Navigating the MCN Landscape

Navigating the MCN landscape can be a complex endeavor given its intricate nature. This is where an agency’s role becomes indispensable. In the tripartite relationship among brands, agencies, and MCNs, an agency’s function is to understand a brand’s marketing needs, articulate these into clear briefs, and convey them to the MCN, ensuring that the created content aligns seamlessly with the brand’s marketing goals.

Additionally, agencies assist brands in making key decisions, defining their positioning, and pricing, and even crafting their brand story. In industries where trends change rapidly (such as fashion), agencies provide invaluable insights into what content might have lasting appeal.

Essentially, an agency is a critical partner that helps brands traverse the MCN landscape, maximizing their reach among influencers and celebrities in China.

How ECHO Maximized the Power of MCNs in China

Remember, the journey isn’t just about selling a product or service. It’s about weaving a narrative, forging a connection, and sparking a dialogue with your audience.

Embrace the power of MCNs and, with the right influencer marketing agency partner in China, transform your brand’s narrative into a compelling symphony that resonates with your audience in the Chinese market.

In this intricate digital landscape, ECHO stands ready to help brands navigate the MCN ecosystem, offering professional support to optimize the reach and impact of your brand in China.

We understand the unique dynamics of the Chinese market and are equipped to help you find and connect with the most suitable influencers and celebrities. Our goal is not only to increase your brand’s visibility but also to help you build meaningful relationships with your target audience.

Reach out to ECHO for a consultation and let us assist you in harnessing the power of MCNs to create a brand narrative that truly resonates in the Chinese market.

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