Top 7 Fashion Influencers in China

In fashion, the most famous Chinese influencers change every year. For 2023, we have compiled a list of the top 8 Chinese fashion influencers by TopKlout. These individuals have been recognized for their immense influence on the fashion industry in Xiaohongshu (Little Red Book). As well as their ability to captivate audiences with their personal style and unique content.

We’ll explore the unique qualities that propelled them to the top of TopKlout‘s list.

Let’s dive into the world of these fashion icons.

Who Are the Top 8 Fashion Influencers in China?

  1. Thurman猫一杯
  2. 易梦玲
  3. 氧化菊
  4. 小粽子Selina
  5. 小仙女汁
  6. 垫底辣孩
  7. 胡楚靓

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No.1 Thurman猫一杯

(Thurman Maoyibei)

Thurman猫一杯 is a talented fashion designer. Shee has captured the hearts of millions with her unique brand CANX and Thurman. Boasting an impressive 5.68 million fans on Xiaohongshu and a staggering 15.7 million followers on Douyin, she has become a prominent figure in the world of Chinese fashion influencers.

Known for her engaging TikTok-style videos on Douyin and lifestyle content on Xiaohongshu, Thurman猫一杯 showcases her globetrotting experiences in cities like Paris and Los Angeles. This fashionable entrepreneur expertly leverages her online presence to sell her designer products in both Xiaohongshu and Douyin stores, further solidifying her influence in the industry.


No.2 易梦玲

(Yi Mengling)

易梦玲 is a force to be reckoned with in the realm of Chinese fashion influencers. She has amassed a dedicated following of 4.58 million fans on Xiaohongshu, 12.5 million on Douyin, and an additional 5.23 million on Weibo. Her content, a blend of fashion-forward and lifestyle videos on Xiaohongshu and Douyin, keeps her audience captivated and yearning for more.

famous chinese influencers

What sets 易梦玲 apart is her impressive list of collaborations with prestigious brands, including the likes of Louis Vuitton, AHKAH, and CALVINLUO. These partnerships underscore her credibility in the fashion industry and add a touch of glamour to her influential persona.

No.3 氧化菊


Stepping into the spotlight with unwavering confidence and a vibrant persona is 氧化菊. This award-winning contestant of the Miss World China finals boasts an impressive 7.7 million followers on Douyin and 2.2 million on Xiaohongshu.

famous chinese influencer

Hailing from Guangxi, this model & influencer is lauded for her positive values, which she effortlessly intertwines with her content. Her posts offer a captivating blend of lifestyle insights, fashion advice, and glimpses into her modeling career. 氧化菊’s energetic presence and unique narrative make her a standout figure among Chinese fashion influencers.

No.4 小粽子Selina
(Xiao Zongzi Selina)

Next on the list is 小粽子Selina, a fashion influencer celebrated for her youthful charm and effortlessly chic style. A proud mother of two, Selina, born in 1986, fascinates her 2.5 million followers on Xiaohongshu with her uncanny resemblance to her 10-year-old daughter, often mistaken for sisters.

Her content beautifully blends lifestyle and fashion, often featuring heartwarming moments with her daughter. While her presence on other platforms may not boast a massive fan base, her unique charm, and youthful appearance have made her a distinct presence in the fashion influencer arena. Selina’s story serves as a delightful reminder that style knows no age.

Selina is an excellent choice for womenswear and kidswear, with the Mini Me Trend.

No.5 小仙女汁

Our journey through China’s top fashion influencers brings us to 小仙女汁. With a follower count of 2.3 million on Xiaohongshu, she primarily focuses her influence on this platform.

小仙女汁 is known for her extensive product recommendations spanning cosmetics, skincare, fashion accessories, and everything a woman might need. Her lively persona, coupled with her love for shopping, makes her posts a treasure trove for her followers. However, the sheer volume of her recommendations has stirred some debate over their reliability.

Despite this, 小仙女汁’s love for sharing her finds keeps her audience engaged and curious about her next recommendation.

No.6 垫底辣孩

垫底辣孩 is making his mark in the world of fashion, the only male influencer in our list. He’s gained a loyal following across different platforms, with 1.78 million followers on Xiaohongshu, 12.31 million on Douyin, and 2.2 million on Weibo.

Celebrated as one of Weibo‘s Top 100 New Bloggers in 2022, 垫底辣孩 shares engaging lifestyle and fashion videos with his fans. He often collaborates with other influencers, creating a sense of community. His recent fun interactions with 氧化菊 have added to his popularity, becoming one of the most famous Chinese influencers. He is showing off his unique charm in the fashion scene.

No.7 胡楚靓
(Hu Chuliang)

Concluding our list is 胡楚靓, a versatile fashion influencer who beautifully merges teaching, entertainment, and commerce. With 1.85 million followers on Xiaohongshu and 7.3 million on Douyin, 胡楚靓 has harnessed the power of live-streaming on Douyin, selling a range of products from fashion goods to skincare.

Besides live commerce, she also captures her fans’ attention with her lifestyle content, interactive sessions, and practical advice on makeup and outfits. She’s recommending products to try, advising against others, or showcasing her latest finds in her live streams. 胡楚靓 ensures her followers are always engaged and informed.

Her approachable style and multifaceted approach have solidified her place in the realm of fashion influencers.

Stay in Touch With the Changing Market

The landscape of famous Chinese influencers for fashion is dynamic, constantly changing with emerging trends and shifting consumer interests. It’s crucial to stay updated to leverage these influential figures effectively.

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